High-Torque - 180 Ft. Lb. - Starter, Mastertorque, 66-7

High-Torque - 180 Ft. Lb. - Starter, Mastertorque, 66-7

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  • 4.4:1 Gear Reduction Ratio
  • Ideal for engines with 12:1 Compression Ratio
  • No heat soak or hot start problems
  • Machined Aluminum adapter block is very lightweight yet strong
  • Adjustable mounting block
  • Allows for plenty of clearance in the engine bay

Important Information about this Starter:


If you're using an aftermarket bellhousing and/or adapter, always refer to the manufacturer's specifications and recommended starter.

Please also be aware that upgrading your starter means that you must make sure your classic Ford's electrical system can handle the increased voltage requirements

br br span style color red b span NOTE /span /b nbsp Please do not enlarge any holes or grind anything to make this unit fit. /span /p

PowerMaster recommends the minimum voltage required for this starter is 9.5 Volts, and some starter upgrades can demand up to 500 Amperes from the system. /p p Please be sure to read the directions carefully when installing