Benq Replacement Lamp - 250W - 2000 Hour Standard, 3000 Hour Eco

Benq Replacement Lamp - 250W - 2000 Hour Standard, 3000 Hour Eco

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Just like an ordinary light bulb, with extended use the lamp in your BenQ projector will begin to dim and eventually fail


After your BenQ projector has been operated for a thousand hours or more over many months or even years, you may begin to notice that the projected image seems dimmer, the colors faded

And when it is time for a new projector lamp, a BenQ replacement lamp offers several key advantages

BenQ lamps offer exceptional quality, validated through an extremely rigorous battery of tests in three key areas reliability, performance, and safety

Contrast this to the hit-and-miss durability of most replacement lamps, which are vulnerable to failure at any time

Finally, of course, a BenQ projector lamp is designed to work seamlessly with your BenQ projector, with design features like a protective shield that surrounds the lamp to prevent injury in the rare event of a burst lamp

High-performance Performance tests for BenQ bulbs include rigorous individual tests for brightness, brightness uniformity, color, and color uniformity

In addition, BenQ lamps incorporate our Lamp Care System, a sophisticated cooling system that prevents heat damage, extending lamp life and thereby reducing maintenance costs

In addition, temperature monitoring is conducted on key components in a projector in which the lamp is installed, to verify that the lamp doesn 39 39 t create an undue thermal burden for the unit as a whole

It 39 39 s likely that the problem is a failing projector lamp

Long-lasting BenQ lamps are designed and constructed for the longest possible lamp life

Luckily, with your BenQ projector 39 39 s thoughtful lamp housing design, replacing a worn lamp is little more difficult than replacing a light bulb

Reliable BenQ 39 39 s reliability tests include checks on spot temperatures on the lamp at key locations that might be vulnerable to overheating

Safe BenQ also applies strict safety tests to its lamps, carefully gauging their behavior in extreme conditions such as when burst due to excessive heat, physical damage or other unforeseen factors, and when a projector is subjected to various hazards, such as liquid spills or impact shocks

The tests meet or exceed industry standards for lamp quality testing, ensuring that you are installing the best possible replacement lamp in your BenQ projector

To ensure that your older BenQ projector continues to deliver like-new picture quality, choose a BenQ replacement lamp. /p

Together, these tests ensure that with a BenQ replacement lamp installed, your BenQ projector will deliver the same dazzling picture quality it did on first use